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Research shows that the words we use towards our children matter – a lot. In fact, the things we repeat to them in years 0 – 7 are critically important to developing their sense of self that will last a lifetime. But as parents, we often get stuck saying the same old things to our children. Often, we repeat phrases that mean well but become stale and we miss an important opportunity to help our children grow a strong sense of self.

Kidfirmations helps parents by suggesting positive affirmations to help their children grow into happy, healthy, and confident youngsters. Each day, get a prompt to say something meaningful, positive and loving to your child. Encourage them to develop confidence, problem solving skills, positive character traits, and let them know you love them.

Created by a mom of four with support from a child psychologist, Kidfirmations is designed to help you say powerful words that matter to your child every day. Over time, your child will feel loved, confident, proud, and have a stronger sense of self.


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Social-Emotional Learning


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